Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Positions

Members-Helping-Members through volunteer service.

America First has a long-standing history of having dedicated volunteers perform certain essential functions. This began with field representatives in its early years and has evolved into our current Board of Directors, Loan Review Committee, and Supervisory Committee, all made up of member-volunteers.

The Board of Directors is comprised of nine volunteers elected by the membership, each serving three-year terms. As a true democratic representative group -- each member, no matter the size of his or her deposit, has one vote -- the Board of Directors guides the credit union in implementing policy, setting our course, and making decisions regarding products and services that benefit the entire membership.

Elections are held each spring at the America First Annual Meeting in Ogden, Utah. For information regarding eligibility and elections procedures, please contact Sheryl Cox at (801) 627-0900 from Weber County or (801) 966-5553 from Salt Lake County.

The Loan Review Committee is comprised of nine appointed individuals appointed by the Board of Directors. Seven committee members serve northern Utah and work out of the Operations Center in Riverdale. The other two work out of the Salt Lake City Metro Branch. No previous lending experience is needed.

The primary mission of the Loan Review Committee is to review denied loans at the request of the applicant. Committee members work with the applicant to gather and verify pertinent data relating to the applicant's financial situation and work as a mid-level appeal committee for the Board of Directors.

The Supervisory Committee is established in accordance with federal regulations and is comprised of five individuals. These committee members are also appointed by the Board of Directors and are charged with the oversight of the audit process. This ensures the safety and soundness of our credit union assets. Previous audit experience is desirable but not required for Supervisory Committee positions.

For information regarding eligibility to serve on these committees, you may contact Sheryl Cox.

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