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Members Helping Members Through Service

Since our humble beginnings in 1939, America First has depended on dedicated volunteers to perform certain essential functions. As we have grown, these positions have evolved into our current Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee—all of which are still made up by hard-working members who volunteer their time to serve.

A Legacy of Service

The growth and success of the credit union is dependent on members, like you, who volunteer their time and talents. Join this legacy of service by applying today.

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Our Board of Directors is comprised of a group of nine credit union member volunteers who dedicate their time and talents to strenghten the credit union and support its members. The Board of Directors guides the credit union in implementing policy and making decisions regarding products & services that benefit the entire membership.

Build the Future

For information regarding eligibility and volunteer opportunities, contact Kent Streuling at (801) 827-8634 or

Supervisory Committee


Established in accordance with federal regulations, this group is comprised of five individuals who are appointed by the Board of Directors and charged with the oversight of the audit process. This committee ensures the safety and soundness of the credit union’s assets. Previous audit experience is desirable but not required for Supervisory Committee positions. 

For information regarding eligibility and volunteer opportunities, contact Kent Streuling ( / (801) 827-8634).

Make a Difference

If you'd like to be a volunteer on the Supervisory Committee, simply click the button to start your application.