Routing Number

It's tax season - America First's Routing Number is 324377516. Click here for details.

Company Profile

Company Profile

America First has a long-standing history of benefiting from member-volunteers who perform vital functions for the organization. This tradition began with the use of field representatives, and has evolved into the service of our Board of Directors, Loan Review Committee, and Supervisory Committee.

Volunteer Leadership

Elected by the membership, the board of directors is a diverse group of successful individuals, each serving three-year terms. As a true democratic representative group -- each member, no matter the size of his or her deposit, has one vote in electing the Board -- they guide the credit union.

Online Security

In order to further protect your account, we require two levels of authentication. When you enroll in Online Banking with America First, you'll be required to set up security questions, as well as an image with an associated phrase that will be presented to you on every log in.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide personal financial services of a superior quality to the members/owners; our chief concern being their financial well-being.

The Credit Union Difference

Credit unions exist to serve the needs of their members. Credit unions educate members about sensible money management to help improve their financial condition. This service-oriented philosophy is the most significant benefit of credit union membership. Credit unions are organizations of people, not of money.

Facts and Financials

America First Credit Union Facts and Finacials

Visa© Credit and Debit Card security

We have an industry-leading, advanced fraud detection system called Falcon that protects your debit, point-of-purchase, and credit card transactions. The program actually learns your purchasing patterns, comparing real-time authorization data with your individual card behavior and existing trends.


History of America First Credit Union.

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