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Volunteer Leadership

The Board of Directors, elected by the membership, is a diverse group of successful individuals, each serving three-year terms. As a true democratic representative group -- each member, no matter the size of his or her deposit, has one vote in electing the Board -- they guide the credit union.

Linda Carver
11 Years of Service
Barney Chapman
Vice Chair
7 Years of Service
Michael Roden
28 Years of Service
Lyle Adams
38 Years of Service
Edwin Cline
38 Years of Service
Joy Jex
35 Years of Service
Kenlon Reeve
25 Years of Service
John Spease
14 Years of Service
James Wendler
22 Years of Service

The Loan Review Committee, 11 members appointed by the Board of Directors, reviews denied loans at the request of applicants and works with them to realize a financial resolution.

The Supervisory Committee, established in accordance with federal regulations, is comprised of five member-volunteers appointed by the Board. They are charged with overseeing the audit process, and ensuring the safety and soundness of our assets.

Board elections are held at the America First Annual Meeting in Ogden, Utah. For information regarding eligibility and procedures, as well as committee details and service, please contact Sheryl Cox at 1-800-999-3961.