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Here are some tips to help guard against scams. As a reminder, if you contact America First, we may ask for your PIN to verify your identity. However, we will never reach out and request that you enter or verbalize your PIN. If you get such a suspicious call, please contact us immediately.

  • Do not share your account login information with anyone else. Companies may require routing and account numbers for things like direct deposit, but they will never need your online banking password for deposits.
  • Never send money to someone you’ve only corresponded with via phone, email, or messaging services.
  • If you are suspicious when someone calls claiming to be from a specific company, hang up. If you choose to call them back, do not use the number from which the call came. Go to the company’s official site, find their contact information, and verify legitimacy.
  • Don’t purchase gift cards for anyone who claims you owe them money. A legitimate company will not accept gift cards as valid payment.
  • Do not forward funds for someone else.
  • Never send money back to an unknown individual who claims you overpaid.

Wire transfers are especially risky, because the money is immediately sent and cannot be reclaimed. Keep the following in mind for wires:

  • Verify the instructions provided to ensure money is sent to the correct place.
  • Don’t send wires to someone you have only corresponded with via phone, email, or messaging services.
  • Never forward a wire.

You can also prevent fraud by: