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Mobile Malware

Malware can be installed on your smartphone to steal sensitive information and data. More sophisticated types of these problems are expected to surge as cyber criminals catch up with the latest mobile technologies.

One of the ways malware can access your device is through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Because a smartphone can easily be connected to wireless networks, malware is easier to download. Only use secure and trusted Wi-Fi and only accept Bluetooth connections from people you know. Keep Bluetooth off when you aren't using it.


Fake mobile banking applications (apps)

Criminals may develop and publish fake mobile banking applications that look official, but are fabrications designed to steal your Online Banking credentials. Only download the America First Mobile Banking applications from trusted sources, such as the Apple App Store. To help protect your accounts and information, don't use any app if you detect these or other warning signs:

  • The app's developer or author is not America First.
  • The app is being promoted on a third-party site, somewhere other than the official store.
  • There is a charge for downloading the app - it costs nothing to obtain this America First service.



SMShing - pronounced "smishing" - is fraud occurring via text message. A criminal sends you a text to trick you into replying with financial or personal information, or by clicking on links that will sneak viruses on to your mobile device. Never respond to an SMS text message that requests this crucial data. America First will never ask for your information this way.

Security You Control

America First offers Card Guard, a new mobile innovation that gives you the ability to turn your credit, debit, and ATM cards on and off.