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Important upgrade notice: On November 4, 2015, our system that runs QuickBooks & Quicken was upgraded. To ensure a smooth transition, please view these instructions and review the migration instructions.

To continue using Quicken or QuickBooks, you will need to deactivate and reactivate your accounts in Quicken or QuickBooks.

If you have any trouble connecting after following the instructions provided by Intuit in the links below, please refer to the following document: Known Issues and Possible Solutions for Quicken and Quickbooks.



Please call 1-866-224-2158 if you have further questions.


Quicken® / QuickBooks®

What is the customer ID & PIN? 
The customer ID is your America First account number, while your PIN is the same PIN/Password you use to access Online or Mobile Banking.

Which versions of Quicken and QuickBooks can I use?
We recommend the use of the current version plus two previous versions for Windows to take advantage of the Direct Connect feature. We are compatible with the current version of Quicken for Mac operating systems.

What does the OL 393A error message mean?
The OL 393A message will appear when an account is still showing activated on the Quicken software but the account has either been closed, paid in full, or is no longer available through Online Banking. You will need to deactivate the account in Quicken for other accounts to download. For more information on OL XXXX errors visit Quicken's website.

Does Quicken work on my Mac computer?
The Direct Connect feature is available for Mac operating systems. We recommend the use of the latest version to take advantage of this feature.

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