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Big Earnings on Easy Investments

For a limited time, America First is offering 5.30% APY* on 6- to 11-month regular certificates! Click the button below to open a certificate in online banking, call 1-800-999-3961, or visit your local branch to take advantage of this amazing offer.

Click here for details.

Bump Rate Certificates

High yields, low minimum deposits

If you're saving for a specific timeframe, our certificate accounts are the smart choice to help your finances grow. They’re simple to set up, have low minimum opening balances & offer competitive dividends.

The dividend you earn can go directly into your checking, money market, share savings—or you can roll it back into the certificate and watch your investment continue to increase exponentially.

Plus, if you already have an America First account, you can quickly & easily sign up by logging into online banking, selecting “settings”, choosing Additional Services, then clicking on Open a Certificate Account.

Enjoy all the benefits our certificates can provide!

Certificate Calculator
Final Savings Balance
Amount Earned
*Available on Dedicated Savings & Flexible Certificates only.

Earn More With a Certificate

Our Certificate Accounts have flexible terms, low minimum balances, and the finest in member service.