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Speed and precision are factors in the success of most  businesses, but to Quick Turn Precision Machining, they are absolutely essential. Quick Turn is a full-service machine shop in Ogden that specializes in small to medium fast-response machine work—from custom tooling and intricate molds, to small, specialized parts. Along with state-of-the-art CNC milling, turning, and water-jet cutting, they also offer heat-treating, sandblasting, welding, fabrication, and technical drawing. Brothers Nate and Adam Woods founded Quick Turn in 1997 and, in the 20 years since, their attention to every detail and their commitment to top-of-the-line work and custom service have helped them build a reputation for being a cut above the rest.

As Quick Turn’s CEO, Nate is well aware of the challenges of his high-demand industry and of what it takes to stay on top. “There’s always a lot of stress that comes from working with so many variables and tight deadlines,” Nate says, “and sometimes I worry about whether we can pull off one particular job or another. We never know what’s going to come through our door, so we have to be ready for anything and everything.”

Nate ascribes Quick Turn’s success in handling whatever comes its way to the efforts of an outstanding team. “We’re able to manage a huge variety of jobs, and usually ones that need to be done fast, because we’ve got the best machinists, programmers, coordinators, and management team that you’ll find anywhere. That’s why we’ve been able to grow like we have. We work really well together and we all love what we do. We especially love exceeding our customers’ expectations. And that’s really what sets us apart from our competitors, I think. Our customers expect us to be fast—most machine shops offer quick turn-around, after all—but we pride ourselves on making sure our clients get more than that. Our goal is to give them a better experience here than they can get anywhere else—better quality work, better communication, and better attention to their individual needs.”

That same care they show their customers is what Nate and the Quick Turn team look for in the businesses with which they work. “We always try to find vendors and partners who value and respect our time, because making every minute count is so important in our business,” Nate says. “That’s why we’re happy to be business members of America First. I’ve never been a fan of those places that seem to worry more about fees than about how they treat people, so I’ve always had my personal accounts with America First. Then when we started Quick Turn, it was just a natural transition into a business setting. I really love how easy they are to work with. They’re always there to answer any questions we have and they just make the whole process super simple and painless. But I also love how easy and convenient all their systems are to use. With America First, it’s a breeze to take care of our payroll and direct deposits, and the website and apps make it easy to keep track of our checking and to pay our bills. And I don’t have time to go to our branch every day, so I love being able to just make deposits right here from the shop. That way, I don’t have to worry about how long it takes to get from here to there or about hassles like lost checks. I can just quickly take care of our everyday finances and move on to more of the big-picture things.”

Despite all the details that require his focus, Nate never loses sight of that big picture. “We’ve come a long way in the last 20 years and we’re always striving to improve and grow,” he says. “Sometime in the not-too-distant future, we’d like to buy a new building and we’re definitely planning on having America First help us find and finance it. We know we can always count on them to deliver and in our business, that means everything.”

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