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TRACE MINERALS RESEARCH has been producing and wholesaling high-quality mineral supplements for more than 45 years, but it wasn’t until Matt Kilts and Scott Perkes purchased the company in 1999 that it started to become the jewel it is today.

“Matt and Scott saw the potential for growth of the company and of the nutritional products industry as a whole,” says Ryan Fisher, General Manager of Trace Minerals Research. “They had a vision of really expanding our product line and growing into a global brand. And it hasn’t taken very long for their vision to become reality. In the first ten years, they grew the company by more than 800% and, to date, our sales have increased by 1,700%. We’ve added 100 new products to our line and right now we’re pushing toward an ambitious goal of adding 20 new products during the next year.

“The natural products industry has been growing steadily over the last 50 years, and over the last 20 that growth has become exponential,” Fisher says. “We were really well positioned for that growth. People are more interested than ever in having access to high-quality nutritional supplements, and they know that’s what we provide. That’s why we’re now America’s number-one-selling trace mineral and liquid magnesium brand. But we’re not just finding our success here in the U.S. market. When our company was started, we had a small line of quality products and small distribution to match. But now our products are sold in all 50 states, as well as 40 other countries around the world. Building our brand, making it consistent and recognizable, and making sure people know who we are and what we stand for has been one of our biggest priorities. And we think our reputation for having an unbeatable selection of the best quality products shows that what we’re doing is working.

“All the growth we’ve seen has been incredible, but it definitely does present challenges all its own,” Fisher continues. “We’ve had to continually work to stay on top of our research and development to make sure we’re only bringing products into our line that will help people to live healthier, happier lives. And part of that means we’ve had to go the extra mile to maintain the high quality of our products and make sure we have the best people in the industry on our team.

“And our growth also means that we’re always mindful of space. In 2014, we completely ran out of room. As we were continually adding employees, new products, the components to manufacture those products and new equipment, we also needed to figure out how to continue adding land, warehouse space and office space. So we had to decide if it was better for us to lease or build a new space all our own. As luck would have it, a building adjacent to us was just coming on the market at that time, and that’s when we approached America First about helping us finance the purchase.

“We chose America First first and foremost because of their local presence and their competitive rates. But we also chose them because they were extremely professional, they were able to quickly and simply answer just about any question we had, and they understood the entire process inside and out. Maybe as much as all of that, though, they were just genuinely interested in helping us grow our company the way we’d envisioned. They just wanted to help however they could.

“Along with the building and business loans we’ve financed through America First, we also have our checking and savings accounts with them. We’re more than happy with the service they give us and we’re looking forward to working with them as we continue to grow. In addition to more space, we’re going to need more manufacturing equipment soon and we definitely see America First as our go-to partner for that financing.

“All in all, we’re really excited about what’s on the horizon,” Fisher says. “The future of our industry is quality products. And our future is going to be in continuing to be a leader in our industry, in manufacturing and providing the best, highest quality nutritional supplements in the world. We don’t plan on going anywhere but up.”

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