Routing Number

The routing number, or ABA, for America First Credit Union is 324377516. This number may be used for a variety of services, including direct deposit, wire transfers, tax purposes, paying utilities & more. For more details, please visit us here


Getting Started With Basic Business Checking is Easy

Being America First's most popular business account, our Basic Business Checking is an ideal solution for most businesses. If your business generates fewer than 250 transactions per month, our Basic Business Checking Account might be right for you. If your Basic Business Checking Account registers more than 250 transactions in a month, it will be charged 15 cents for each transaction thereafter.


Benefits Include:

Transactions are defined as checks written or deposited, or deposit tickets.

Why One Checking Option is Not Enough

No one company or corporation is alike. Which is why we provide three options that let you manage your day-to-day operation your way.

What Members Are Saying About Our Basic Business Checking