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The following online forms are available when adjustments to America First accounts require member and joint owner (if applicable) signatures. Common situations include changing an address, establishing a payroll direct deposit, or disputing a Visa® purchase.

Return completed forms to any America First branch location with your identification. For added convenience, most forms may be completed online before printing.


Affidavit of forgery:

Report forgery on your account.


Affidavit of fraudulent use of an ATM card:

Report fraudulent use of an ATM card.


Affidavit of unauthorized/improper ach debit activity:

Stop an unauthorized debit from your account.


Automatic deposits:

Automatic transfer of funds from your America First account to another institution.


Automatic loan payments*:

Automatic payments from a share account to your loan balance.


Automatic transfers*:

Automatic transfer of funds from one AFCU account to another AFCU account.


Automatic transfer/payment reversal:

Request a reversal of funds transferred to or from your AFCU account.


Automatic withdrawals:

Automatic transfer of funds from another institution to your America First account.


Bill of Sale:

Record the purchase or sale of your vehicle.


Change of address*:

Change your address on America First records.


Change of name:

Change your name on America First records.


Checking Account Balance Worksheet:

Use this worksheet to balance your checking account with your statement.


Deposit and Payment:

Use these deposit slips to make deposits or payments to your account.


Home Equity Line of Credit Variable Loan Program Disclosure:

Describes the features of a variable rate Home Equity Line of Credit Mortgage loan program.


Insurance subsequent action:

Change insurance options on your loan account.


Medallion Signature Guarantee Member Requirements:

Requirements for a Medallion Signature Guarantee.


Payable on death designation:

Assign beneficiaries of accounts.


Payroll direct deposit:

Have your paycheck automatically deposited to your account.


Plastic card affidavit of forgery:

Report plastic card forgery.


Release authorization:

Remove joint owners, beneficiaries, or payable on.


Stop payment request*:

Request a stop payment on a check, preauthorized draft, or ACH item.


Variable Rate Mortgage Disclosure:

Describes the features of the variable rate Mortgage Loan program.


Visa dispute:

Dispute a Visa charge or purchase.


Wire Transfer:

Instructions for wire transfers.


* For quicker processing, send the details of your request using the Online Banking messaging system instead of using the form listed on this page.

To view forms you must have Adobe Acrobat® Reader.