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At America First, we are focused on helping you have the best mortgage experience possible. Our new application is all digital, allowing you to save time and stress when making one of life’s biggest financial decisions.

Faster Communication

Your dashboard delivers complete clarity. It not only reminds you where you’re at in the process, but also lets you know what we still need to accomplish. With this all-encompassing dashboard, our goal is to ensure timely closings. Also, as an added benefit, your personalized loan officer’s information will appear on the contact screen allowing you to call, email, or chat with them directly.

All Digital Application

We’ve removed much of the stress of buying a home with this new online application. We now provide a streamlined lending experience that can be completed via your desktop, phone, or tablet. Your personal process is customized from the very first page, allowing your mortgage experience to complement, not detract from this happy life change. 

Co-pilot Assistance

Whether you require an in-depth conversation or a just have a quick question, our loan officers are here to provide you with real-time assistance. We also know that some financial terms may need a little more clarification and thus, we’ve provided some helpful tips and definitions along the way. This guided application will help you to never feel alone during the process.

Loan Progress & Updates

As you complete each step, you’ll clearly see what needs to be completed next. Your mortgage experience starts with the basic application, carries through to review and underwriting, and finally to signing that final paperwork for closing. We’ll save your progress and the next time you log in, you’ll pick up right where you left off.

Document Organization

Paperwork may seem unavoidable in any application process. Yet, now with our new application, you can upload and store your documents to your electronic dashboard. Digital storage of your documents allows our loan officer to review them at the time of application, which reduces the underwriting process and gets you to your goal even faster.    

Loans for your Most Important Purchase

A Mortgage Loan is a big investment, and you'll want to be certain you have a trustworthy financial partner at your side. Look no further than your credit union.