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Secure an affordable loan by borrowing against your America First Certificate Account. America First offers low interest rates - as low as 3.0% above your Certificate dividend - and flexible repayment terms that match your account's maturity. Plus, we'll provide financing within minutes, you can set up automatic payments and we'll deliver the quality member service that defines America First Credit Union.

Best of all, you'll still earn interest on your Certificate Account investment.


The Specifics:

  • Excludes IRA Certificate Accounts
  • Loans cannot exceed maximum Certificate Account values
  • The collateral is up to 90% of the Certificate Account value for due-in-full loans or 100% loan-to-value with regular monthly payments
  • Loans with payments may not exceed the Certificate maturity date
  • Ask a Member Service professional about exceptions

Secured Loans with Low Rates, Peace of Mind

You can borrow against your America First Certificate Account at an affordable rate and with friendly terms.