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Personal Health Savings Account

Health Savings Accounts

With healthcare costs soaring through the roof, we could all use a little help. Many people are finding that help they are looking for in a Health Savings Account. An HSA or Health Savings Account is your very own account that helps give you control over your healthcare costs. Since the account is yours, you decide how you want to use the funds for qualified health expenses.

Health savings accounts must be coupled with a High Deductible Health Plan. As odd as this sounds, you may actually spend substantially less on your healthcare with a High Deductible plan each year because of the lower monthly premiums. To learn how, please look through our comparison calculators.

HSAs are a triple tax benefited account:

  • Make contributions that are either pre-tax or tax deductible
  • All interest accrued in the account is tax free
  • Funds used to pay for qualified medical expenses are not subject to taxes

A health savings account is your own personal account run solely by yourself. It is not controlled by your employer. Since the account is yours, it follows you wherever you may go. This means that if you change jobs, become unemployed, or even change coverage; you will still keep the money that you have saved. Another nice feature of the HSA is that there is no use it or lose it policy. Unused funds will rollover each year and continue to earn interest tax free. This feature also makes the HSA a valuable method to save for retirement.

There are four requirements to have an HSA:

  • Must have a qualified high deductible health plan
  • Have no other major medical insurance coverage
  • Not be enrolled in Medicare
  • You can't be able to be claimed as anyone's dependent

Here are a few of the reasons to allow America First Credit Union to serve you:

  • A free HSA Visa debit card
  • HSA checks
  • Free online bill-pay

You also have the ability to go into any of our local 88 branches to help you with your contributions, withdrawals, etc.

Most financial institutions will charge you fees just to keep your money with them. At America First Credit Union, we do not charge service or maintenance fees for your HSA. Instead of charging fees, we offer you a variety of options with great interest rates that are nearly impossible to beat.

To have an HSA at America First Credit Union you must first be or become a member. You can apply for the HSA at one of our many branches, online, or over the phone. A signature is required so once the form is filled out, we will send it to you for you to sign and return.

HSA Rating

HSA Rates

Type APY
HSA - Share Savings 0.10%
HSA - Money Market Savings
HSA - Money Market Savings
HSA - Money Market Savings
HSA - Money Market Savings
HSA - Money Market Savings
$50,000 +
HSA - Money Market Checking
HSA - Money Market Checking
$2,000 +
Rates Effective September 02, 2015

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