Lines of Credit

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With a Line of Credit from America First Credit Union, you can rest easy if you have an unexpected expense or experience a financial emergency. Your Line of Credit will cover charges beyond what you have available in Checking and help you avoid any costly overdraft fees. Some of the great benefits you will receive from a Line of Credit include:

  • Extra funds when you need them
  • Freedom from overdraft fees
  • Low interest rates
  • Low monthly payments of $25 or 3.5% of your balance
  • Overdraft Service available

Traditional Line of Credit
  • Limit of up to $15,000
Share Secured Line of Credit
  • Minimum loan amount of $200
  • Collateral must be equal to or greater than loan amount

Line of Credit Rating

Personal Rates

Type F/V Term Rate
share secured line of credit Variable 3.10%
share secured Variable 10 Years 3.10%
personal Variable Up to 5 years 8.00%
personal Fixed Up to 5 years 9.00%
line of credit Variable Monthly Payment = 3.5% of balance 10.00%
certificate secured Fixed Term of Certificate Certificate Rate + 3.00%
Rates Effective August 01, 2015

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