ABC Deals

ABC Deals

ABC Deals give you cash back for many of the purchases you're already making. Just use your America First Visa® Debit and Credit Cards when you buy and you'll get your money automatically deposited—there's no limit to the amount you can earn. Offers appear in your Online Banking account. Simply activate, buy, and collect!


Activate your exclusive offers by clicking the icons located in your Visa and Checking Account transaction histories inside Online Banking. ABC Deals also appear on your Overview page.


Use your America First Visa Debit and Credit Cards at the merchants you've activated to redeem them.


Your cash will be automatically deposited for you.

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Today's Lowest Rates

Type F/V Term APR
Auto Fixed 5 years 2.99%
Auto Variable 5 years 2.99%
RV Variable 12 years 3.50%
Rates Effective August 01, 2015
Mortgage Rates
Type Rate APR
15 Year Fixed 3% 3.0996%
30 Year Fixed 3.75% 3.8066%
Rates Effective August 28, 2015

Mortgage Payment Example

Home Equity Rates
Type F/V Term APR
No Closing Costs First Mortgage 50% LTV Fixed 5 Yrs 2.99%
No Closing Costs Home Equity Line 80% LTV Variable N/A 3.24%
Rates Effective August 01, 2015

HE Payment Example

Type   APR
platinum low rate Variable 6.99%
platinum rewards or cash back Variable 8.25%
classic standard rate Variable 10.50%
classic rewards or cash back Variable 12.25%
Rates Effective August 01, 2015
Certificate Rates
Type APY
12 Month Flexible 0.40%
3-5 Months 0.15%
6-11 Months 0.25%
12-23 Months 0.50%
24-29 Months 0.75%
30-35 Months 0.85%
36-47 Months 1.00%
48-59 Months 1.25%
60 Months 2.10%
Rates Effective August 26, 2015

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