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Holiday Information

To observe Labor Day, all America First branches will be closed on Monday, September 07, 2015. Online & Mobile Banking, SpeechAccess™ and our ATMs will be available for your convenience.


E-Alerts via Email or Text Message

Keeping you informed about your finances is essential, and our e-Alerts do just that. These messages will give you your account balances, remind you of loan payment due dates, alert you when your paycheck is deposited, and much more. E-Alerts are another America First product that can help you achieve economic financial freedom.

Alert Types

Balance You'll be notified when your account is low, or you have excess funds you may want to move to a higher-yield investment, such as a Money Market or Certificate Account.
Transaction Be alerted when an ATM withdrawal is made, a Visa purchase clears your account, or other activities are happening.
New Message This e-Alert tells you when a credit union representative sends a secure communication, including important Bill Pay information and other items.
Credit Limit You'll know when you're nearing the limit on your Visa Credit Card or Checking Line of Credit.
Loan Payment Reminder Receive a friendly notice of when your loan payment is due.
Online Statement Ready This tells you your statement can be viewed online.
Direct Deposit When your payroll or other expected deposit has been made to your account, you'll get an alert.
Certificate Account(s) Maturing With this message, you'll know when a Certificate Account is nearing maturity, helping you choose to renew the account, make a change in the term, or select another option.
Account Maintenance Provides notification when any of the following items occur: Address update, PIN change, Online Banking password change, replacement cards issued.
Check Alert Use this e-Alert to learn about specific checks clearing your account. You may designate up to 10 check numbers or a single range of checks.

You can receive e-Alerts via email or text message:

    To receive e-Alerts through e-mail:
  • Log in to Online Banking.
  • Select e-Alerts at the top of the page.
  • If you have not set up your e-Alert contact points, select 'manage your e-Alert contact points.' Type in a nickname, select 'Email address,' enter and confirm your email address, and select 'Add Contact Point.'
  • If you have set up your e-Alert contact points, select 'schedule a new e-Alert.'
  • Select the e-Alert type you would like to set up, fill out the criteria, and choose 'Next.'
  • Select 'Schedule e-Alert.'
    To receive e-Alerts on your mobile device:
  • You will need to register for Mobile Banking.
  • Log in to Online Banking.
  • Select 'e-Alerts' at the top of the screen.
  • Choose 'manage your e-Alert contact points.'
  • Under 'Add New Contact Point,' enter a nickname and select 'Mobile Phone.'
  • Select your mobile phone number in the drop-down menu and click on 'Add Contact Point.'
  • Your phone will then be a contact point for e-Alerts.

Registered for Mobile Banking but your phone number does not show up in the e-Alerts drop-down menu?

  1. From the e-Alerts contact points screen, select 'Mobile Phone.'
  2. Then choose 'Register/Maintain Number(s) for Mobile Banking.'
  3. Find your phone number and go to 'Change my Mobile Banking services' on the drop-down menu.
  4. Click 'Go.'
  5. Ensure that 'Text Messaging' and 'Text Message Alerts' are checked, then select 'Continue.'
  6. Return to Online Banking and proceed with the 'Already Registered?' instructions listed above.

Not registered for Mobile Banking?

Visit the Mobile Banking page for more information and to register.

Please be aware that some wireless service providers charge a nominal fee per text message received or sent. If you have trouble receiving a message, please contact your carrier directly.

Today's Lowest Rates

Type F/V Term APR
Auto Fixed 5 years 2.99%
Auto Variable 5 years 2.99%
RV Variable 12 years 3.50%
Rates Effective September 01, 2015
Mortgage Rates
Type Rate APR
15 Year Fixed 3% 3.0996%
30 Year Fixed 3.875% 3.932%
Rates Effective September 04, 2015

Mortgage Payment Example

Home Equity Rates
Type F/V Term APR
No Closing Costs First Mortgage 50% LTV Fixed 5 Yrs 2.99%
No Closing Costs Home Equity Line 80% LTV Variable N/A 3.24%
Rates Effective September 01, 2015

HE Payment Example

Type   APR
platinum low rate Variable 6.99%
platinum rewards or cash back Variable 8.25%
classic standard rate Variable 10.50%
classic rewards or cash back Variable 12.25%
Rates Effective September 01, 2015
Certificate Rates
Type APY
12 Month Flexible 0.40%
3-5 Months 0.15%
6-11 Months 0.25%
12-23 Months 0.50%
24-29 Months 0.75%
30-35 Months 0.85%
36-47 Months 1.00%
48-59 Months 1.25%
60 Months 2.10%
Rates Effective September 02, 2015

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