Visa Gift Cards

Visa Gift Cards

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Not only can you give your friends and family something they'll really use - the ability to buy what they want, where they want to buy it - you can make the gift as memorable as the occasion by personalizing your gift card with any photo you choose.

The process is simple

  1. Sign on to Online Banking and click on the Other Services tab
  2. Under the Account Services section click on Purchase Gift Cards
  3. In the America First Gift Card Designer window click on Design Your Card
  4. Select your custom card image from our gallery or upload one of your favorites
  5. Add a congratulatory message
  6. Preview the design and submit

Plus you'll enjoy these benefits of the America First Visa Gift Card:

  • Available for any amount between $20 and $750.
  • Accepted at any merchant displaying the Visa logo, including those that are just down the street, online, or even in another country.
  • Protected against loss or theft*.
  • Only $2.50 per card.
  • Gift envelope included with each purchase.
  • Used as easily as any Visa Credit or Check Card.

Visa Gift Cards are available online and at all America First branches.

Must be a member of America First to purchase Visa gift cards.

*Protection is available if cards are registered at There is a $5 fee deducted from refunded cards. These cards aren't meant to be used as substitutes for traveler's checks, as they cannot be shipped overseas if lost or stolen.

Visa Gift Cards Rating

Today's Lowest Rates

Type F/V Term APR
Auto Fixed 5 years 2.99%
Auto Variable 5 years 2.99%
RV Variable 12 years 3.50%
Rates Effective August 01, 2015
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15 Year Fixed 3% 3.0996%
30 Year Fixed 3.75% 3.8066%
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Home Equity Rates
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No Closing Costs First Mortgage 50% LTV Fixed 5 Yrs 2.99%
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HE Payment Example

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platinum low rate Variable 6.99%
platinum rewards or cash back Variable 8.25%
classic standard rate Variable 10.50%
classic rewards or cash back Variable 12.25%
Rates Effective August 01, 2015
Certificate Rates
Type APY
12 Month Flexible 0.40%
3-5 Months 0.15%
6-11 Months 0.25%
12-23 Months 0.50%
24-29 Months 0.75%
30-35 Months 0.85%
36-47 Months 1.00%
48-59 Months 1.25%
60 Months 2.10%
Rates Effective August 26, 2015

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