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OverviewWhat is Card Guard®?
Card Guard is a free, easy-to-use tool that lets you decide when and where your America First cards are used. Download Card Guard from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


Is there a fee?
No, it's free. However, mobile carriers may charge for Internet access and use.


Is Card Guard secure?
Yes. The app only displays the last four digits of your card's number and no information is stored on your device.


What mobile devices are supported?
It's available for Apple iOS devices with 6.0+ systems and Androids with 4.0+ operating systems.


What is required to use Card Guard?
If you're already enrolled in online/mobile banking, simply download the free app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. If you are not a registered user, you must enroll in online/mobile banking first.


Can I access all my accounts with it?
Yes. Log in to Online Banking and register each account separately. Then use Mobile Banking and your PIN/password to manage them.


Log InHow do I sign up for Card Guard?
You must enroll in online/mobile banking prior to using the app. Once registered, download the free app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and log in using your America First credentials.


I forgot my PIN/password. How do I use Card Guard?
Call 1-866-224-2158 or visit a branch.


I removed an owner from my savings account. How can I stop someone like that from accessing Card Guard?
Change your password when you remove a joint owner to prevent unauthorized access to your account.


I logged in to Card Guard, but now the application has stopped asking for my account number and PIN/password. Why?
Once you log in, Card Guard will keep you logged in for 48 hours unless you manually log out. To set up a passcode—an additional security measure—choose Settings from the main menu.


Control PreferencesI turned my card off. Will recurring transactions still go through?
Yes, but only those that are merchant-indicated and recurring.

How long does it take for a control setting to take effect?
Control settings will take effect as soon as they are added.


I went to a merchant, turned my card on, and set my location control there. Why was my transaction still declined?
Only the primary device can set locations. Transactions could also be declined because of other Card Guard control preferences or external factors like non-sufficient funds or fraud monitoring.


I set my location control but turned my phone off or it died. Will my transactions get declined?
If it's been off for more than an hour, location-based controls won't activate & the transactions will go through. Additional card controls will remain in effect.


I turned off international transactions based on location. What does this mean?
The default location for the international control is based on the device. If it's on, all transactions outside your home country will decline. You can change your home country to your preference.


I set a $50 spending limit, but my gas transaction was declined. Why?
In some cases, merchants will submit pre-authorizations on fuel purchases to test the card's validity. Some use a maximum amount, such as $126, while others set the minimum at $1. If this pre-authorization goes over your set limit, the transaction will be declined.


When I set my location, how far can I be from the merchant for transactions to go through?
It's typically based on the transaction's zip code. If the merchant is within five miles of where you are, it will be approved.


Do I still need to notify the credit union when I travel if I use location controls?
Yes, you should still inform us to avoid any spending interruption.


I set a transaction type control to block ATM access, but a withdrawal still went through. Why?
If America First owns the ATM, it will process all withdrawals from your accounts.


Why did my transaction get declined?
There are many reasons for a denial. Go into the transaction details to view the denial reason. To troubleshoot it further, please call 1-800-999-3961.


Alert PreferencesWhat are alert preferences?
These let you know every time a card transaction is attempted. You can be alerted when all or preferred transactions are being made. Alerts are also available by location, transaction type, merchant type, and spend limit.


My alerts are set to notify me of every transaction, but I am not receiving any.
Only the device marked as primary and set to receive notifications will get alerts. To check your status, log in and click on Settings at the main menu.


My card is turned off. Will I still receive alerts?


How long will alerts and messages display?
The last 50 transactions will appear for seven calendar days.


I prefer not to receive alerts during the evening. How can I set this up?
Set your card on do not disturb, a feature available from the Settings menu.


Transaction HistoryHow long will a transaction history display?
Transactions show up for seven calendar days. Histories contain the last 50 transactions.


My pending purchase shows for more than I paid. Why?
Some merchants have pre-authorizations at higher amounts to test the cards. For example, a $25 gas purchase might display as $126. Pre-authorizations are common at the pump, for a hotel stay, or with car rentals. Even though the charge is listed in Card Guard for more, it will clear for the correct amount.


I accidentally denied a transaction that I wanted to approve. What can I do?
Whenever a transaction is denied unintentionally, tap on the alert to open it. Below the transaction details the app will allow you to close the alert or allow you to perform a one-time approval by tapping “Authorize”. Doing so will remove your controls for the next attempted transaction and restore your controls immediately after. If no transaction is attempted within 10 minutes of tapping “Authorize”, the controls are restored.


Card Guard Settings

What forms of biometric authentication can I use to log in to Card Guard?
On supported iOS devices, you can use Face ID or Touch ID.
On supported Android devices, you can use Fingerprint Authentication.


I only want to manage one of my cards, but all my cards are being displayed.
To select the card(s) you want, open the side menu and tap Manage Portfolio. Then un-check the card in question. Once you tap Save, controls and alerts cannot be set for that card. The existing controls will also be void.


I set my phone on do not disturb, but still get some alert notifications. Why?
Alerts will still be sent for in-store and ATM transactions. All other alerts will not be sent.


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