Card Guard® from America First Credit Union

Introducing Card Guard, security you control.

America First is proud to offer this revolutionary app that lets you manage your Visa® credit and debit cards, and ATM cards, just by tapping your smartphone.

With Card Guard on your mobile device, you can:

Simply put, you decide when, where, and how your cards are used.

It's the power to protect yourself and your money.

Get Card Guard, security you control, today.

Security in Seconds

With one touch, you can:

  • Lock and unlock your cards
  • Restrict card use to certain areas
  • Determine which merchants can authorize card transactions
  • Set alerts every time a transaction is attempted
  • And so much more
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Not an America First cardholder?

Credit Cards

Visa Credit Cards

Our credit cards are designed to fit you.

  • Some of the country's lowest rates
  • No annual fees
  • No balance transfer fees
  • Cash-back or rewards
  • Free ABC Deals
  • Free Picture Perfect customization
Debit Cards

Visa Debit Cards

It's your money — don't pay to use it!

  • Unparalleled convenience
  • No monthly account fees
  • No low-balance fees
  • Free ABC Deals
  • Free Picture Perfect custom designs
  • And other advantages

Frequently Asked Questions


A simple, free & exceptional tool you can use to turn your America First Visa credit and debit cards, and ATM cards, on or off. When available, the Card Guard app can be downloaded from the Apple and Google Play stores.
No, it's free. However, mobile carriers may charge for Internet access and use.
Yes. The application only displays the last four digits of your card number, and your information is not stored on your device.
Card Guard will work with Apple iPhones using iOS 6.0+, as well as Android mobile phones having operating systems Android 3.0+.
Card Guard requires an America First Credit Union account including Visa credit or debit cards, or an ATM card. You will also need an Apple or Android smartphone and a valid email address registered in Online Banking. To update your email or add a new one, please log in to Online Banking.
Yes. Each account requires a separate, unique username and password.


It's simple. Download the Card Guard application from the Apple or Google Play store, when available, then answer a couple of security questions. Once your identity is verified, you can create a username and password.
The token is sent to the email address listed on your America First account, and this email must be valid for Card Guard. Please confirm your information by logging in to Online Banking.
Yes, but only for merchant-indicated recurring transactions.
As soon as any changes are made in the Card Guard app.
Only the primary device can be used for the My Location control. Select the Settings menu in Card Guard to assign your primary device. The transaction could also decline due to other control preferences within Card Guard or because of external factors like non-sufficient funds or America First fraud monitoring.

Alert Preferences

Alert preferences let you know every time a card transaction is attempted. You can be alerted for all or preferred transactions. Preferred alerts are also available by location, transaction type, merchant type, and threshold amount.
Only your primary device will receive alerts. Use the settings menu in Card Guard to set the primary device.

Transaction History

The last 50 transactions will display in the app for eight calendar days. If you need more detailed information, log in to Mobile or Online Banking.
Some merchants send pre-authorizations at higher amounts to test cards' validity. For example, a $25 gas purchase might display as $126. Pre-authorizations are common at the pump, for a hotel stay, or for a car rental. Even though the charge is listed in Card Guard for more, it will clear your account for the correct amount.

Card Guard Settings

To select the cards you wish to manage, go to Settings and choose Manage Cards. Then uncheck the card or cards you don't want to manage. Once a card is unmanaged, controls and alerts cannot be set for that card.
The email and phone data you enter into Card Guard are used to send security tokens. If your overall contact information has changed, please log in to Online Banking and make any adjustments.

This is used exclusively for balance inquiries or withdrawals at ATMs. All Card Guard accounts will have an Access 24 card on the dashboard. Because your debit and credit cards work at ATMs, you may not have used an Access card in the past. If you don't, you have two options:

Turn the Access card off: This will block balance inquires and withdrawals at financial institutions outside the America First network.

Unmanage the card: This removes it from the Card Guard dashboard. Once a card is unmanaged, controls and alerts cannot be set for it. To select cards you want to manage, go to Settings, then Manage Cards. And from there you can uncheck the card or cards you don't want to manage.

For Apple users, press the icon that has three stacked lines to reach the menu.

For Android users, here are the three most common methods depending on the device.

  • Press the dedicated menu button on your phone. This will pull up the Card Guard app menu while you are logged into the app.
  • Press the icon that has 3 stacked dots or stacked lines to reach the menu.
  • For devices that don't have either option above, hold down the recent apps button (lower left corner, next to the home screen). This will open the menu.

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