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Financial safety nets when you’re most in need

Credit Disability Insurance

If you’re unable to work because of injury or illness, that doesn’t stop bills from coming. However, with credit disability insurance, you can file a claim and have your monthly America First loan payments covered until you get back on the job.

Members can choose this coverage at a minimal cost when establishing a new America First loan. It’s available for the primary accountholder as well as one co-borrower. A certificate of insurance will be provided to you at the time the coverage is accepted.

Eligibility requirements* include:

  • America First membership
  • Under 75 years old
  • Work at least 25 hours per week

Credit disability insurance payments are based on your loan balance and coverage extends throughout the loan term.


Credit Life Insurance

No one wants to leave their loved ones with a financial burden after passing away. Credit life insurance offers peace of mind, knowing your America First loans will be paid in case of death. This option is available when new loans are established.

Coverage applies to primary accountholders and one co-borrower and the cost is based on your loan balance.

In order to be eligible* for credit life insurance, individuals must:

  • Be a member of America First
  • Be under 75 years of age
  • Not delinquent on loan payments

Once your loan is paid off and closed, the coverage will expire.

Add a little more financial security to your loan by opting-in for credit life & disability insurance on your America First loan. If you have any questions, want additional information, or would like to elect this coverage, call 801-827-6828 .


*Subject to eligibility, qualifications, coverage maximums, terms & conditions. Members must meet criteria at the time the loan is made or this coverage is added.