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Take Control of your Finances

You can make a positive difference this year by resolving to focus on improving your financial health. And because you're a member of America First, you’re able to use the following free services to accomplish that goal:

  • FICO® Scores - With checking and America First loans, you can check your score, at any time through free online banking. It’s updated quarterly.
  • Money Manager - A comprehensive & handy budgeting tool that tracks all your spending and saving in one place, even listing your accounts at other institutions.
  • Account e-alerts - Customize notifications that arrive when your balance gets too low, your paycheck is deposited, and whatever else you choose.
  • Card Guard® - Manage your Visa® cards with this revolutionary mobile app by controlling how, where and when they are used.

No matter what your financial objectives are this year, let America First help you achieve them.