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Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion, give your friends and family something they'll really use—the ability to buy what they want, where they want to buy it. America First Visa® gift cards work as easily as credit and debit cards, but they come with a pre-determined amount that you choose when you purchase them.

The process to order these prepaid Visa cards is simple, and you can also make them as memorable as the occasion by personalizing your gift card with an image of your choice.

  • Amounts between $20 and $750
  • Accepted at any merchant displaying the Visa logo
  • Protected against loss or theft*
  • Gift envelope included with each purchase
  • Only $2.50 per card

Visa gift cards are available at all America First branches. Visit us and see how easy it can be to pick the perfect present.

*Protection is available if cards are registered at There is a $5 fee deducted from refunded cards. These cards aren't meant to be used as substitutes for traveler's checks, as they cannot be shipped overseas if lost or stolen.

Gift Card Frequently Asked Questions

When a restaurant or other tip-oriented merchant (e.g., spas, hair salons, etc.) requests approval to complete your transaction, the merchant will often add a fixed percentage (approximately 20%) to the amount reflected on the bill presented prior to payment. This additional amount is meant to cover the tip they expect to receive.

As a result of this increased authorization request, your gift card may be declined if you have insufficient funds to cover the amount requested for approval. To avoid declines, you can ask the merchant to authorize a specific dollar amount. We do not guarantee that the merchant will fulfill this request.

Yes. If you do, we recommend paying inside, not at the pump. If you pay at the pump, the terminal may be pre-programmed to seek a pre-authorization for $75, and this amount could increase from time to time.

The pre-authorization seeks to confirm you have sufficient funds on the card to pay for an average gas purchase. If you have insufficient funds on your gift card to cover the pre-authorization, your attempt will be declined. If you have sufficient available funds on your gift card to cover the pre-authorization, your transaction at the pump will continue. Once again, to avoid a decline of your gift card, we recommend that you prepay for your gasoline inside the station.

There is a $2.50 charge for each gift card. You can have the fee deducted from savings or checking. Putting your own design on the card using Picture Perfect® is free.