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A signature is more than just a printed name—it holds a lot of power. Signatures create binding contracts & give documents your personal seal of approval. Similarly, Visa Signature from America First is more than just a credit card. Beyond all the rewards & advantages you'll enjoy, there's a host of special perks and exclusive benefits that come at no extra cost.

Visa Signature offers the financial flexibility of everywhere-in the-world acceptance. Plus, no matter where or when it's used, you'll earn points with every purchase that can be redeemed for cash back or rewards such as gift cards, travel, merchandise, and events.

If you choose to receive an automatic cash rebate, you can decide if you want it to arrive in your account each month, quarter, or year. The more you use this credit card, the more you get. It's that easy with Visa Signature from America First.

Plus, with Visa from America First, you'll always enjoy such benefits as low rates, no annual fees or balance-transfer fees, chip-enabled security, free Card Guard® mobile security, local discounts & identity theft recovery services.

Put your unique signature on your Visa credit card today!

Visa Signature Benefits







Card Guard

Protect your purchases and control when, where and how your Visa is used!

Free for Apple and Android devices, Card Guard is a revolutionary app for managing your America First Visa® with a smartphone. Our easy-to-use interface gives you the power to limit transactions by geography, set spending amounts, define which merchants can process transactions, and so much more. If you ever lose a card, you can quickly turn it on & off, and you’ll always stay informed with notifications.

Card Guard
Identity Theft Recovery

Identity Theft Recovery

Members with America First Visa® credit cards automatically have access to our identity theft protection services at no cost which includes:

  • Fully managed identity theft recovery
  • Lost document replacement
  • 3G family coverage

You may also purchase additional recovery services to meet your specific needs.

Have you outgrown your available credit?

If you’re a responsible member who regularly pays off a Visa® balance every month, but frequently find the card maxed out, it may be time to increase your credit limit. This will give you more spending flexibility and can help cover big expenses, such as a new vehicle or an extended vacation. Click below to choose a limit that better fits your situation.