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At America First, we don't just deal in dollars. Whether you need to send euros, yen, pounds, francs or rupees to another country, our foreign wire transfers will help ensure that your money gets there quickly and securely.

We also buy and sell currency for most countries at select locations. And when you convert your cash ahead of your travels, you won't have to worry about finding an open exchange office when you arrive in a foreign country.

  • Competitive exchange rates
  • $5,000 limit per transaction
  • Purchases by cash or collected account funds only
  • Two-day pickups (orders are returned after five days)
  • $10 per transaction (buying or selling)
  • Additional $10 for orders under $300 in U.S. dollars
  • FedEx® Express overnight delivery available at an extra cost

If you're traveling abroad in the near future, stop by one of our convenient branches first and see how easy wire transfers or foreign currency exchanges can be.

Not a member of America First? Become one to enjoy swift electronic transfers and easy currency exchanges along with all the other perks of membership.