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It's good to teach your children the value of a dollar.

Teach Responsible Spending

If you have children between the ages of 12 and 17, give them an educational tool for financial adulthood—a Fundz® debit card from America First. This easy-to-use Visa® is designed to teach kids and teens how to make purchases while limiting risk. Click below to learn more and for eligibility & conditions.

Teach Responsible Spending


Learning sound saving habits at an early age will help your kids better prepare themselves financially for future needs.

Plus, youth savings accounts at America First feature:

  • No annual fees or minimum-deposit levels
  • Competitive dividends
  • Flexible terms
  • 120 locations (and growing)
  • Free online access
  • And more
Youth Accounts from America First Credit Union

The Gateway to all America First Offers

Having your Share Savings Account with us will start you on the path to financial freedom.