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What we do

  • America First uses high-grade network traffic encryption to ensure that your log-ins and transactions are secure.
  • We deploy multifactor authentication to your Online Banking account, preventing unauthorized access.
  • Our members can select strong passwords for free Online Banking and free Mobile Banking.
  • And much more.


Other measures you can take:


Set up Direct Deposit

Have paychecks, dividends, and other recurring credits deposited directly to your account - you won't have to worry about checks getting lost or stolen in the mail and you'll receive your funds more quickly.


Make automatic payments

Automatic payments help protect you from being late or losing a check, which can cause identity theft concerns. Contact us to set up automatic payments for your America First Loans, Lines of Credit, and Visa Credit Cards.


Use enhanced checks

America First checks deter fraudulent activity with patented security features that include microprint and security-weave background designs.


Go paperless with Online Banking

Enroll in free Online Statements via Online Banking. This way, your important account information won't travel through the mail and you can store years of data safely and securely.


Safeguard your Social Security Number

  • Carry only necessary identification, not your Social Security card.
  • Never provide your Social Security Number unless you have initiated the contact and can confirm the business or person's identity.
  • Do not use your full or partial Social Security Number as a Personal Identification Number (PIN) or password.
  • If you must send your Social Security Number in an email, make sure it's encrypted.
  • Do not transmit your Social Security Number over the Internet unless you know the connection is protected or you have encrypted data.
  • Do not record your Social Security Number on a check, traveler's check, gift certificate, money order or other negotiable instrument unless required by law.


Tips for Business Members

Review all of your America First statements monthly. Enroll in Online Banking to check transactions and use Business Bill Pay for added convenience and peace of mind.

Compare your receipts to your statement to verify accuracy.

Shred all your statements & receipts after reviewing them.

Use caution when providing customers and vendors account numbers or other financial information.

Staying Vigilant

We're always working to ensure your funds and information are guarded by the best in systems and software.