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Interested in lowering your monthly payment?

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For questions about refinancing your current mortgage or to get current refinance interest rates, please call 1-866-224-2157.

We are processing all applications as quickly as possible, however due to an unusually high number of refinance requests, our response time may be delayed. We appreciate your patience.

No Closing Costs First Mortgage

  • Our no closing costs first mortgage provides you with the ability to refinance up to 80% of your mortgage at five-, 10-, 15- or 20-year terms, with much lower rates...and without the closing costs!
  • Learn more.

Adjustable-Rate Mortgages

  • 5/6-month option - interest rates are fixed for five years, then may adjust every six months thereafter.
  • Rates may increase or decrease after fixed period, according to an index & margin.

Government Loans

  • FHA 15-year fixed, FHA 30-year fixed, VA 15-year fixed, VA 30-year fixed.
  • Utah Housing options.

Construction & Lot Loans

  • Building lot loans. 
  • Home construction program. 

Refi Rates

Government Refinance

Refinance & Save

How much can you save by refinancing your Mortgage Loan with America First? Let's take a closer look.