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Get quick notifications for actions & transactions

Account alerts keep you informed about your finances. We’ll let you know when a deposit arrives, if a balance is low, when a loan payment is due & more. This service is free, simple to set up, and available via email and mobile devices.

Step One: Manage Contact Points

In order to receive these helpful alerts, you need to set up your preferred methods of communication. To enter or update your contact information:

  • Log in to online banking
  • Select Alerts in the Quick Links box
  • Click Manage Contact Points
  • Enter an email address or mobile number
  • Create a nickname
  • Confirm the information and click on Add Contact Point

Step Two: Create Email or Text Alerts

Setting up notifications to be sent to your inbox or mobile device* is easy, all you have to do is:

  • Log in to online banking
  • Select Alerts in the Quick Links box
  • Use the drop-down menu for the alert type
  • Follow our user-friendly instructions
  • Choose if you’d like to receive the alert through email or text
  • Click Next
  • Confirm the alert information, then hit Save

*Please note: In order to receive messages on your mobile device, you’ll first need to register for mobile banking.


Alert Types


America First alerts are important to your financial health, because they notify you of account and transaction activity. Here are types of notifications you can receive:

  • Balance – Be alerted when your account balance is low, if it goes negative, or if you have funds you may want in a higher-yield investment, such as money market savings or certificates.
  • Certificate Maturity – Know when your certificates are nearing maturity, so you can choose to renew the account, change the term, or select another option.
  • Check Activity – Learn about specific checks clearing your account. Designate up to 10 numbers or a single range.
  • Credit Limit – Be alerted when you're nearing your Visa® credit card or line of credit limit to avoid declined purchases and fees.
  • Direct Deposit – Notifications for when deposits over a specified dollar amount are posted to your account.
  • Fee Notice – Learn if non-sufficient funds fees or other such transactions have occurred.
  • Loan Payment Reminder – Receive a friendly notice up to 15 days prior to when a payment is due.
  • Transactions – Notifications for ATM withdrawals, Visa® purchases, and lots of other activities.
  • New Message – When our representative sends a secure communication.
  • Online Statement Ready – Get notified when a new statement is available to view.
  • Transaction Amounts – Know when transactions over a specified dollar amount occur.
  • Account Maintenance – Alerts for when your address is updated, PIN is reset, online banking password changes, replacement cards are issued, account is locked, user ID is modified & more.

Stay on Top of Your Account

Free alerts ensure you’re up to date.