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Let your money grow by investing it in a certificate account at America First. Our certificates are simple to set up and offer high dividend rates for longer-term savings. And these top-tier accounts are free from market risk & vulnerability.

We offer a variety of certificate options to suit your lifestyle and financial needs. Find the one that works best for you and start earning more today.


Bump Certificate Accounts

Bump Rate Certificates give you a one-time increase* in your rate. You decide when to bump the rate and you can choose any of our terms (rates vary according to term).


Dedicated Savings Accounts

If you know a large expense is in your future, a Dedicated Savings Account makes it easy to plan for it now. And when you agree to leave your money in the account for a specified time, you can earn a great rate.


Flexible Certificate Accounts

With a Flexible Certificate Account you get the perfect blend of high rates and consistent access. The Flexible Certificate Account at America First Credit Union is a 12-month Certificate Account that allows you penalty free access (quarterly) to any or all of your money during the first 5 calendar days of each quarter.


IRA Certificate Accounts

If you're nearing retirement and want an IRA with a higher dividend rate, consider America First's IRA Certificate Accounts.


Ladder Certificate Accounts

Laddering your Certificate Accounts is a cash management option that allows you to ultimately get long term rates while retaining access to a portion of your money.


Regular Certificate Accounts

We have low $500 minimum-deposit levels and you can count on the finest in quality member service from your credit union.