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Free Financial Counseling

Our primary mission at America First is to help each & every member achieve financial well-being. And we recognize that, from time to time, most of us experience some difficulties with money. We can help you navigate these situations and develop a plan for future success with free financial counseling.


Warning Signs of Financial Stress:

Are you often late paying bills or relying on grace periods?

Are you tapping into savings to meet monthly expenses?

Are you threatened with an auto repossession or home foreclosure?

Are you working overtime or a second job just to make ends meet?

Are you at or near or your line-of-credit limit?

Can you afford only the minimum payment on charge accounts?

Are you borrowing to pay for items you used to buy with cash?

Are you regularly getting overdraft fees on your checking account?

Are you considering bankruptcy?

Do you worry a lot about money?


If you answered yes to any question above, or you'd like some solid advice, simply:

  1. Print and complete our Financial Budget Forms
  2. When you're finished, send them via email to, fax to (801) 215-7332 or drop them off at any branch.
  3. We'll contact you to set up an appointment.

When you seek our counseling services, we'll:

  • Examination of your income and outgoing expenses.
  • Establish a workable, realistic budget & savings plan.
  • See if we can get extensions while urgent matters are settled.
  • Refer you to outside resources that may benefit your situation.
  • Help resolve and improve your credit.

The information you share is entirely confidential and will never be provided without your permission.


Other Resources:



  • PowerPay is an online program created by Utah State University for families and individuals looking to gain control of their consumer debt.


Tools & Forms


Helpful tips for financial health:

Free Guidance

See if financial counseling is right for you.