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Our mission is to “provide personal financial services of a superior quality” to our members. Our chief concern is their financial well-being. We are guided by the deep and abiding human values of true selfless service—which has always been part of credit union culture.

Service Culture

At the very heart of America First, we are people helping people. This idea of genuine care for individuals and authentic interaction is at the very core of our culture. We are always looking for friendly, enthusiastic people who believe in these values as deeply as we do. We want to find those who will help us serve our members and communities in a way that truly makes a difference. Share a smile. Be your best self. Belong to a company who cares.

Core Values

Values unite people in a common cause. Good values do even more—they inspire. A few of our company core values are: 

  • Trust/Respect We believe in upholding others' dignity and rights.
  • Clear Sense of Purpose – We support and serve our members as they pursue their personal life vision.
  • Creative and Innovative – We believe in being proactive about developing new approaches to our work.
  • Integrity – We adhere to a firm code of ethics & values in all that we do.
  • Fun/Enjoyment –We encourage our employees to enjoy work, use humor effectively, and have appropriate fun in the workplace.
  • Communication – We believe that sharing ideas & concepts clearly and effectively leads to understanding, which is key to success.

Work Environment

Building an efficient team is more than just getting people to work well together. We want our employees to feel a sense of caring and awareness that extends beyond the bounds of normal work duties. We have company programs and initiatives to help employees assist each other and show they care beyond their daily interactions.

Work-Life Balance

Our employees are passionate about work and about life. We are a community-minded organization that encourages our staff to be active within the communities we serve. We also offer paid vacation time, paid holidays, and allow for flexibility in schedules to provide balance for everyone who works for America First Credit Union.