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IRA Accumulator Account

If you want to open an IRA but don't have the $500 minimum deposit, try America First's IRA Accumulator Accounts.These accounts offer great benefits.


IRA Certificate Accounts

If you're nearing retirement and want an IRA with a higher dividend rate, consider America First's IRA Certificate Accounts.


Roth IRA

America First's Roth IRA may be for you if you'd prefer to pay taxes on your retirement now instead of later. Your options include opening a Roth IRA Accumulator, with no minimum deposit required; a Roth IRA Certificate with a $500 minimum deposit; and/or a Roth Dedicated Savings Account with no minimum deposit and an automatic transfer of at least $10 per month.


Traditional IRA

Traditional IRAs, also known as Regular IRAs, are ideal for those whose retirement is in the near future, as well as for those whose time is still several years away. When considering your retirement, plan smart and choose an America First Traditional IRA.