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Security Overview

In today's world, convenience is a must and America First is committed to your convenience. Let's keep security in those conveniences a top priority by working together. Choose a topic below to learn more about what we're doing and what you can do to ensure the highest levels of security exist.


Online Security

We require dual authentication to protect your account. When you enroll in online banking with America First, you'll set up security questions and enter a one-time passcode sent to a phone or email.


Mobile Security

Your America First mobile banking experience provides you with the same, top-of-the-line protection the credit union harnesses for all of our premier online services.


ATM Security

Here are some great tips and advice to help you with general ATM safety as well as walk-up and drive-up ATM security.


Account Security

Keep your account safe and secure by following these tips and advice.


Visa® Credit & Debit Card Security

We have an industry-leading, advanced fraud detection system that protects your debit, point-of-purchase, and credit card transactions. The program actually learns your purchasing patterns, comparing real-time authorization data with your individual card behavior and existing trends.


Visa Travel Notification

Whether you're taking the family to Europe, hopping on a plane for business, or just going on a road trip to a neighboring state, let us know. Quickly fill out our simple Visa Traveling form in online banking or call 1-800-999-3961 before you go to help avoid any security issues with your credit or debit cards.