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America First Credit Union merger with Altier Credit Union

Why is America First merging with Altier credit union?

Since America First Credit Union’s entry into the Arizona market in 2016, we have been looking for a potential partner in the area. Altier had also been considering a possible merger. After contacting Altier in June of last year, we found each other's culture and business strategies to be a good match. After several months of exploration by representatives of both credit unions, the respective boards of directors decided that it would be in the be interest of both groups of members to merge. The merger will give America First members five locations in Arizona, and Altier members will gain access to America First’s world-class variety of products and services. 


Will Altier branches remain open?

Yes. Altier branches will remain open with the same hours and friendly employees that have always served its members.


Where are Altier Credit Union’s branches located?

Altier has five branches in Arizona, including three in the greater Phoenix area, one in St. Johns and one in Page.


Tempe Branch

1511 N. Project Drive

Tempe, AZ 85281

Lobby: Mon-Fri           9:00 – 5:30

Drive Thru: Mon-Fri 7:30 – 5:30


Gateway Branch

6846 E. Warner Road

Mesa, AZ 85212

Lobby: Mon-Thu        9:00 – 5:00

                    Fri          9:00 – 6:00

Dr Thru: Mon-Thu      9:00 – 5:00

                     Fri          9:00 – 6:00


Western Branch

221 N 79th Avenue

Tolleson, AZ 85353

Lobby: Mon-Fri 9:00 – 5:00


Page Branch

449 Haul Road

Page, AZ 86040

Lobby:   Mon-Thu 9:00 to 5:00

                      Fri   9:00 to 6:00


St. John’s Branch

520 W. Cleveland St.

St. Johns, AZ 85936

Lobby: Mon-Fri 9:00-5:00


These locations can also be found at or by calling 602-797-3000.


Are my funds with Altier safe?

Yes. This merger will not affect your funds. In addition, deposits at both Altier and America First are insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA, an agency of the federal government.


Can America First members use Altier’s ATMs?

Yes. Much like America First, Altier is part of the Co-op ATM network, which means members can use any Altier ATM to access their account. Likewise, Altier members are immediately able to access their account at any America First ATM. You can quickly and easily find the nearest ATM locations at and


What will happen to Altier members’ accounts?

For the time being, Altier members will continue to use their accounts—including checks, debit and credit cards, online banking and mobile banking—as they always have. Automated deposits and drafts will also to continue to be posted as they are currently set up.

Preparing the systems at both credit unions to ensure a seamless transition to America First is a complex process that will take many months to complete. As the time approaches to fully convert the Altier members' accounts to America First, the members will receive advance notification and up-to-date information about the timing and nature of the transition.

At a future date, Altier accounts will be converted to an America First account number, and all the deposit and loan balances will be carefully transferred to the new America First account. In addition, Altier members will receive America First debit cards, credit cards, and checks where applicable.


What will happen to the employees at Altier?

Altier employees will become part of the America First family and remain in their current position for the foreseeable future. As duties evolve, those employees whose jobs change will be provided with career opportunities primarily in, but not limited to, the Arizona market to support America First’s ongoing business & growth in that area.


Will Altier credit and debit cards still work?

Yes. Altier credit and debit cards will continue to work anywhere Visa® cards are accepted.


I already have an account at America First. Can I do transactions at an Altier location?

We're working on a way to allow current America First members to conduct financial business at Altier branches as of March 1 or shortly thereafter. America First account holders may also visit the America First Tempe office located at 1414 W Broadway Rd #128, or call our member service contact center at 1-800-999-3961.


Will Altier members be able to do transactions at an America First location or call center?

For service in the greater Phoenix area, St. Johns or Page, Altier members should continue to utilize Altier’s existing branches, telephone numbers, email addresses, website and online banking as they always have. Efforts are currently underway to provide the ability for Altier members to transact business at America First branch locations and through the contact centers as of March 1 or shortly thereafter.


Can Altier members begin to use America First products and services right away?

Altier members may begin enjoying the benefits of America First membership as of March 1 in most instances. This may require members to have multiple accounts during the transition period in some circumstances.


Does America First offer shared branching?

Neither Altier nor America First participate in a shared branching program.


What will happen to loan and deposit rates? Will they increase or decrease?

Interest rates on existing Altier loans and certificates of deposit will remain the same through the end of their respective terms, according to the loan contract or certificate agreement.

Rates on other deposit accounts and new loans and certificates of deposit will be offered at America First’s current rates as of the merger date. America First offers a wide range of loan and deposit products with competitive rates.


Will there be an increase in fees after the merger?

As of March 1, only changes that are in the members’ favor will be implemented. When a given fee is less than its counterpart at Altier, the fee will be adjusted to match America First’s fee schedule. In the event that a fee will increase, Altier members will be given 30-day [TS1] advance notice prior to the increase. This will not affect current America First members.


Will the credit union’s field of membership change after the merger?

As part of the merger, Altier’s field of membership will be combined with America First’s. This addition consists mainly of residents of Maricopa County, Arizona, employees of SRP power and water company, and areas around Page and St. Johns. Additional training will be developed to provide more details on these additions.


I heard that Altier is experiencing financial difficulties. Is that true?

America First and Altier had been exploring the potential of a partnership before Altier began experiencing financial difficulties stemming from a small number of business loans. Over the succeeding months, Altier and America First worked together to address those issues. America First’s financial strength, a mitigating factor for those loans, was one of many points considered by the Altier Board in their deliberations to merge with America First.

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