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With a Line of Credit from America First Credit Union, you can rest easy if there is an unexpected expense or a financial emergency. It can cover charges beyond what you have available in Checking and it protects against costly overdraft fees.

Benefits Include:

  • Extra funds when you need them
  • Freedom from overdraft fees
  • Low interest rates
  • Low monthly payments of $25 or 3.50% of your balance
  • Overdraft Service available

Traditional Line of Credit

  • Limits up to $15,000

Share-Secured Line of Credit

  • Minimum loan amount of $500
  • Collateral must be equal to or greater than the amount borrowed

We've Got You Covered

With a Line of Credit on your America First Checking Account, you'll have the ability to make a purchase when you're experiencing a minor financial emergency or you've just made a simple math mistake.