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Help America First Credit Union help our schools.


We believe in the value of Utah education and we want to help out—with all of our efforts. Join us in supporting the 100% for Kids Utah Credit Union Education Foundation. 

What is it?

Utah's credit unions are working with Utah schools to provide assistance and resources directly to the classrooms ... where the children need it most. As the name mentions, 100 percent of all contributions benefits kids.


Why now?

The Utah public education system is experiencing a funding crisis, and credit unions and their members are always motivated to help any way we can.


How will it work?

Teachers and administrators will submit grant requests to the foundation for specific needs. These needs can range from paper supplies to a new computer system.


How can we help?

Your credit union and credit unions across the state will contribute to the fund, and you can, too. An America First account has been established for the foundation. Visit any of our branch locations or send us a message through Online Banking to make a contribution.

Putting our Children First

America First is a founding member and principal organization behind this foundation, which brings resources directly to students in the classroom.