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1) Notify us before you leave.


2) Take more than one credit card.

  • Not all cards are universally accepted and some are declined, even if yours is valid. Plus, they can be lost or stolen.
  • Fraud can happen anywhere & any time, so having more than one for back-up is a good idea.


3) Bring some cash.

  • Cash on hand can be a lifesaver! And we offer currency exchange services you can utilize before embarking on your trip.


4) Make withdrawals at network ATMs.

  • Look for no-fee ATMs that are part of the CO-OP Network.
  • And always be cautious and check your surroundings to avoid having any account information compromised.


5) Get Card Guard.

  • It's our revolutionary app that lets you manage your America First Visa® cards, just by tapping your smartphone. You can turn your cards on and off, set spending limits, determine where you want to use them, and so much more!

Be Sure to Pack your America First Visa

Anywhere you see the Visa logo, you can take advantage of the benefits of our Visa Platinum.