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The Easy Way to Save

It can be difficult to remember to put money away for the holidays, a vacation or another big expense. With a dedicated savings, you set up a transfer amount and the money will be automatically set aside each month in a separate account for a specific amount of time where it will start earning interest.

Moments worth saving for


Open a Dedicated Savings Account Today!

If you know a large expense is in your future, a Dedicated Savings Account makes it easy to plan for it now. And when you agree to leave your money in the account for a specified time, you can earn a great rate. With a Dedicated Savings Account, you get:


  • The convenience of an automatic share transfer or payroll deduction (must be at least $10 per month)
  • Competitive Certificate Account Rates
  • Your choice of terms, ranging from three months to five years
  • No minimum opening balance
  • Automatic Renewal option
  • Federally insured up to $250,000
  • You can make additional contributions up to $10,000 per month (Each member is limited to deposits of $100,000 in any one or combination of Dedicated Savings accounts.)

See how quickly your Dedicated Savings can add up.

Saving is Essential

From putting aside funds for a rainy day to long-term investments, America First has the product for you, no matter your life stage.