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It is $6 per month. When you first sign up, we will provide the first two months at no cost. 

It is charged on the first day of the month if the prior month’s fee waiver criteria is not met.

When a you meet the following fee waiver criteria, your next month’s fee is automatically waived:

  • Have a direct deposit into your account of at least $500
  • Complete 20 or more transactions with your Visa credit or debit card
  • Maintain an average daily checking balance of at least $1,500


Any purchase with your America First Visa® credit or debit card will count toward the 20 transactions. Transfers or cash advances do not qualify.

At the end of every month, your daily balances are divided by the number of days in the month to calculate average balance.


Some benefits require 3-5 days before they appear active, such as: CouponzDirect, Shopping Saver and identity theft protection.

Mobile phone protection provides theft coverage immediately. However, there is a 30-day waiting period for accidental damage and mechanical failure coverage to activate.

Rewards points are earned in different ways, but all rewards points are combined into one pool on each member’s account.

Points are displayed dynamically in online and mobile banking when you have a product that qualifies for those points. Point balances will also be shown on your monthly statements.

Rewards Points are awarded monthly based on your Premium Checking Level (1-5). You may earn up to 600 points ($6 cash value) per month based on their relationship with America First:

  • Level 1 – 0 points
  • Level 2 – 25 points
  • Level 3 – 50 points
  • Level 4 – 300 points
  • Level 5 – 600 points

ATM fee offsets are paid in rewards points. Special promotions may also offer Premium Checking account holders’ additional ways to earn points.


Rewards points are accumulated by the number of product categories a member has with America First. The more categories, the higher their level and the more points you earn.

Just having the Premium Checking account starts you at Level 1. Each additional product category increases your account level. The categories are:

  • Visa® credit card
  • Auto loan
  • RV loan
  • Real estate loan
  • Deposit balance greater than $20,000

Premium Account Payback is deposited on the first of each month.

No. Premium Account level counts the number of eligible services/products on the last day of the month.

Rewards points are deposited in your America First Rewards account.


Any America First fees assessed for using a non-network ATM will be rebated to Premium Checking members as rewards points, up to $10 per month. Points are deposited at the beginning of each month. Fees from other institutions for using their ATMs will not be rebated.

You can be rebated up to $10 per month in rewards points.

Offsets are deposited on the first of each month.


You are eligible to file a claim for accidental damage or mechanical failure beginning 30 days after your coverage effective date. Damages that occur during the waiting period are not covered. There is no waiting period for theft claims. 

Coverage start date is one day after the account is opened.

No. This coverage is for all the phones you own; however, you may be asked to show proof of ownership.

No. All phones owned by the primary account holder and any joint owners are automatically covered by having Premium Checking. No pre-registration required.

Visit the America First Rewards benefits page in online and mobile banking to submit a claim. 

Replacement is only an option if your phone is irreparable after accidental damage, mechanical failure, or in the event of theft.

All repairs needed as a result of accidental damage or mechanical failure will be considered. Refer to the terms and conditions on the benefits page for specifics.

For in-network repair facilities, you will pay the $50 deductible to the facility and the administrator will pay the repair facility for costs beyond the deductible.

For repairs done by an out-of-network facility, you will need to get a quote approved and then pay the cost of the repair to the facility. You will be reimbursed by check, minus the $50 deductible. 


You should call 855-915-1687 to speak with a Privacy Advocate.

TransUnion provides the credit bureau monitoring services through our partnership with our service provider. A tri-bureau report is available annually. TransUnion reports are available daily via the Identity Dashboard.

Identity Theft Protection credit monitoring and dashboard use the VantageScore, not FICO.


You can receive discounts at local and national merchants with our mobile-friendly website. Present the offer on your mobile phone or give a printed copy to the supplier for an immediate savings. Discounts are categorized as Premium Deals and Everyday Savings.

Premium deals offer 50% off, 2-for-1, and other deep discount offers provided by merchants. An offer must be used within 14 days of printing or redeeming.

These provide discounts at the point-of-sale when you present your mobile phone or printed online offer to the participating business. Merchants provide up to a 20% ongoing discount up to a maximum value of $25 per transaction. Offers must be used within 14 days of printing or redeeming and can be redeemed monthly.

If you have any issues with Shopping Saver, call 800-481-2703 for assistance.

No. However, you’ll access shopping saver coupons via America First online or the mobile banking app.


CouponzDirect is a coupon management service that searches for available digital grocery and pharmacy coupons. These offers are then loaded directly onto your registered store loyalty cards.

No. This benefit will be linked directly through the respective grocery stores loyalty card/program.

Digital store & manufacturer coupons can be be loaded to your store loyalty card. They are just like the paper coupons you can find in the newspaper but come in electronic form.

Yes, the electronic coupons have an expiration date, as determined by the store or manufacturer.


No. These benefits are only for Premium Checking accounts.

Yes. If you’d like to switch to another type of checking account, please let us know via online banking chat, by calling 1-888-476-2143, or by stopping by your local branch.