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Online banking at America First gives you simple, secure, seamless access—and it’s now even easier. You’ll benefit from a sleek interface, user-friendly controls & enhanced security features.

Enroll in Online Banking

Enrolling in online banking is easy. Here’s how to get started in six simple steps:

  1. Click this link to begin enrollment
  2. Enter your account number
  3. Enter your PIN
  4. Create a password
  5. Select security questions
  6. Verify your personal information



Get Started Now!


Logging in

When you first log in, your user ID is your account number. We'll also ask you to verify your personal information. To ensure we have the most up-to-date contact information, a mobile number and email address are now required.

  • Streamlined logins
  • Straightforward enrollment
  • First-time user verification


The homepage features lots of information at a glance. Examine account balances, review upcoming bills, monitor your budget & more.

  • Optimized for mobile
  • Quick links
  • Context-based navigation
  • Account views

Two-factor authentication

You can now choose double log-in security. Enter your username & password, plus the code sent to an email address or mobile device.

  • Prevent unauthorized access
  • Enable or disable with a touch
  • Receive codes via email or text
  • Re-sending available

Account Details

It's easy to review past transactions on any account. Sort the results to find what you're looking for quickly & efficiently by clicking on specific criteria.

  • Recent transactions
  • Activate ABC Deals™
  • Integrated Money Manager
  • Quickly scan results

Transfer Money

With online banking you can quickly & securely move funds within your account or to other America First accounts. You can also transfer money to external accounts.

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Fast internal & external transfers
  • Set up automatic payments
  • View and edit scheduled transfers


Set notifications to arrive when you’re approaching a credit limit, a balance is getting low, a fee is charged and other transactions.

  • Monitor active alerts
  • Email or mobile alerts
  • Manage contact points
  • Adjust quiet settings

Additional Services

Every page is loaded with helpful links. Order checks, stop payments, personalize credit & debit cards, and link accounts without clicking a separate tab.

  • Dynamic menu navigation
  • Set up preferences
  • Update personal profile
  • Submit online forms 


Adjust your security questions at any time, set up account activity alerts or enable 2-step verification. You're in control of your account's security.

  • Simple navigation menu
  • Personalized challenge questions
  • High-level encryption
  • Enable/disable two-step authentication

Frequently Asked Questions

Try clearing both your web browser's cookies and cache, then restart your web browser.  


Each member should create their own secure passwords for online banking to guard against unauthorized account access. Your account password will also function on mobile banking, Card Guard, Quicken and QuickBooks.

Valid passwords are 8 to 32 characters in length and must contain at least one letter and one numeral.

On the PIN/Password page, you can use the Forgot My Password link to change your password. (Please note that in order to change your password, you will need answers to all three of your challenge questions.) If you don't have the answers, please call 1-800-999-3961 and we'll re-set your password.

A secure password is required to log in to online & mobile banking, as well as Card Guard, Quicken and QuickBooks. However, you will still use your PIN for ATM withdrawals, debit purchases, free telephone banking and member service calls.


Categorizing transactions is done exclusively through the Money Manager pages. This will help you enjoy a more consistent experience whether you are using the mobile app or online banking for budgeting and spending reports.

Click Statements in the Quick Links section. Use the drop-down menu to select the period you want to view. Hit View Statement and it will automatically download the PDF file. Your computer must have Adobe Reader to view your statements.

You can retrieve the last two years' statements.


Certain transfers set up as part of loan repayment agreements cannot be edited with online banking. Please call 1-800-999-3961 if you would like to make modifications or to delete an existing transfer of this nature.

In the Transfers tab, scroll down to see pending transactions. Click the red X icon next to the transfer you wish to delete.

In the Transfers tab, scroll down to see pending transactions. Click the edit icon next to the transfer you’d like to modify.


Yes. Alerts are available via our free mobile banking app. To receive alerts on a cell phone with a different system, follow the instructions on this page.

Click the Settings tab and then select Accounts. Click on the account you want to personalize.

Click the Settings tab and then choose the Profile section.

With this feature, you can access your secondary and joint accounts through a single login. You can link accounts on which you are listed as the primary owner, joint-owner, or co-signer.

To personalize your debit or credit card with free Picture Perfect, select the Settings tab, and then choose Personalize Your Visa Debit/Credit Card in the Additional Services box.


Yes. To cancel your PIN or report a card lost or stolen, click on the Settings tab, select Security and Alerts, then choose Lost/Stolen PIN or Card.

Click the Settings tab at the top of the online banking page. Then select the Profile box.


If Express connect is not working, we recommend that you change to Direct Connect for getting data into Quicken. Please follow the steps below to accomplish this.

  • Go to Tools and click Account Lists
  • Click on the account that is having the problem and click Edit Account
  • Then click on Online Services
  • Click on the blue link on the bottom that says Improve your Connection through Direct Connect
  • You will be asked for your User ID and Password
  • Enter your account number for the User ID
  • Enter your PIN as the password
  • Click Next
  • All your accounts will show
  • Click on the drop-down link on the right that says Add and change it to Link
  • Find the account from the list that matches your account
  • Repeat for each account until all say Link followed by the account name (e.g. Link-Checking)
  • Click Next
  • You should then see your accounts update
  • Click Finish

From this point forward, updating your account information will be done directly through Quicken.

Fast, Free, Fantastic

Free Online Banking from America First is your personal branch that's available 24/7.