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America First Access is Wherever You Are

Our free Online Banking system is simple, secure, and set up to deliver the most user-friendly experience, as well as the latest in technological advancements that make managing your money as convenient as possible. Plus, you'll benefit from a host of cutting-edge tools that can help you save time & money.

Features / Benefits

  • ABC Deals - Free program giving you cash rebates for many of the purchases you're already making. Eligible members are enrolled automatically and offers will appear in your online account.
  • Free Online Bill Pay Suite - Pay anyone, anywhere, anytime.
  • Online Statements - View your account for the last 24 months.
  • Easy loan applications.

Account Preferences

  • Account Linking - Grant access to joint owners (this feature allows you to view multiple accounts with one login).
  • Also...give your accounts nicknames!
  • Add Favorite Accounts - Save the accounts that you most frequently make transfers to.
  • Paperless Statements - Cancel paper statements and receive your statements exclusively online

Personal Info

  • Update your address, phone, and email.
  • Opt in to receive news & updates.

Budgeting and more using Money Manager

  • Add other non-America First accounts to view within Online Banking.
  • Transactions are automatically categorized.
  • Track all of your spending.
  • Create and track your budgets.
  • Instantly manage all of your debt.

Account Security

  • Manage your Online Banking password.
  • Choose which page is your default login destination.
  • Maintain your challenge questions/answers and the image or phrase displayed.
  • Report cards that are lost or stolen.

Account Services

Account E-Alerts

  • Choose from expanded list of account alerts.
  • Edit or delete alerts.
  • Manage contact points & give nicknames to those points.

Expanded Transfer Options

  • Choose transaction frequency.
  • Control first & last transfer dates.
  • View pending transfers.
  • Transfer funds to other people using PopMoney or move funds to another financial institution.

Transaction History

  • View pending debit & credit card transactions.
  • Pull histories by account, transaction type, category type, or date.

Check Images

With Check Images, you can view images of your processed checks the day they post to your account. Both sides of the checks are visible and available for printing at no cost to you. And since we archive checks for two full years, you can take advantage of the system's search feature to locate a specific check.

Pending Visa Transactions

You asked and we delivered! You can now view authorized Visa Credit and Debit Card charges before clearing.

Authorized transactions not yet posted will appear at the top of the history section and will appear in Mobile Banking and Online Banking account histories.

Please be aware of these details:

  • Pending transactions are not reflected in account balances until they are posted. These simply give you a preview of your purchase amounts.
  • Not all preauthorizations are for the exact amount of purchases. Here are some examples where the authorized amount may be different than the purchase amount: 
    • Gas - all stations authorize only $1 to allow you to pump.
    • Hotels - Hotels can authorize more than the cost of the room to cover miscellaneous expenses.
    • Rental vehicles - Companies can authorize more than the cost of the rental to cover miscellaneous expenses.
    • Restaurants - Restaurants sometimes authorize up to 20% more than receipt prices for tips, etc.
  • Occasionally, business names in pending transactions appear in different forms than when they clear the account. For instance, Starbucks as a pending transaction might show SBUX, but when it posts, it reads: Starbucks.


Business Remote Deposit

Do business whenever & wherever your workday is taking place.

Get Remote Deposit from America First and give your company unparalleled flexibility & convenience:

  • Scan deposits from your location
  • Safely and securely transmit funds received
  • One low monthly cost
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • No limits on checks deposited

Call Business Account Services at 1-877-AFCUBIZ and put our premier Remote Deposit service to work for you.




Online Banking FAQs

Quick Tips

Try clearing both your web browser's cookies and cache, then restart your web browser.  


If Express connect is not working, we recommend that you change to Direct Connect for getting data into Quicken. Please follow the steps below to accomplish this.

  • Go to "Tools" and click "Account Lists"
  • Click on the account that is having the problem and click "Edit Account"
  • Then click on "Online Services"
  • Click on the blue link on the bottom that says "Improve your Connection through Direct Connect"
  • You will be asked for your User ID and Password
  • Enter your account number for the User ID
  • Enter your "4 Digit PIN" as the password
  • Click Next
  • All your accounts will show
  • Click on the drop down link on the right that says "Add" and change it to "Link"
  • Find the account from the list that matches your account
  • Repeat for each account until all say "Link" followed by the account name (e.g. Link-Checking)
  • Click Next
  • You should then see your accounts update
  • Click Finish

From this point forward, updating your account information will be done directly through Quicken.


Each member should create their own secure passwords for online banking to guard against unauthorized account access. Your account password will also function on mobile banking, Card Guard, Quicken and QuickBooks.

Valid passwords are 8 to 32 characters in length and must contain at least one letter and one numeral.

Logging In

On the PIN/Password page, you can use the Forgot My Password link to change your password. (Please note that in order to change your password, you will need answers to all three of your challenge questions.) If you don't have the answers, please call 1-800-999-3961 and we'll re-set your password.

A secure password is required to log in to online & mobile banking, as well as Card Guard, Quicken and QuickBooks. However, you will still use your PIN for ATM withdrawals, debit purchases, free telephone banking and member service calls.

Account Summary

This link shows activity from previous sessions.

When our host system is not available, Online Banking will display n/a in some fields. During this time, we offer limited functionality; however, Bill Pay, account histories, and other features will be available.

Account History

Select the Download option from the Accounts tab.

There is no utility for this kind of search. However, you can filter transactions by type or category.

You can choose the Recent Activity box or the History page. Click on your desired transaction and you'll see a new page for categorizing and memos. Once you've selected a category or created a memo, click the Update button to save your changes and return to your account.

In the Other Services tab, from the Personal Money Management section, choose the Add Categories link. Next, click on Define Your Own Category and follow the instructions.

Monthly spending reports are available in the Budgeting Tab.

Free Online Statements

Click on the Online Statement sub-menu under the Accounts tab. Your computer must have Adobe Reader to view your statements.

You can retrieve the last two years' statements.


Certain transfers set up as part of loan repayment agreements cannot be edited with Online Banking. Please call 1-800-999-3961 if you would like to make modifications or to delete an existing transfer.

In the Transfers tab, click on the Pending Transfers sub-menu to display a list of your pending transactions. Select the Edit/Cancel link next to the transfer you wish to delete. Then choose the Delete This Transfer button, click Next, and follow the instructions.

You cannot change recurring transfers. You would need to delete the existing transfer and create a new one.

Transfers to Dedicated Savings Certificate Accounts are available through Online Banking. Other Certificate Accounts, such as Regular, Flexible, and IRA, are not supported.

Account E-Alerts

These will notify you of transaction postings, maturing Certificate Accounts, new messages, and account maintenance.

Yes. Alerts are available via free Mobile Banking.

To receive alerts on a cell phone with a different system, follow the instructions on this page.

Other Services

Just choose the Account Preferences link under the Other Services tab.

In the Other Services tab, click on the Change Address/Telephone Number/Email Address button under the Personal Information box.

With this feature, you can access your secondary and joint accounts through a single login. You can link accounts on which you are listed as the primary owner, joint-owner, or co-signer.

Yes. To cancel your PIN or report a card lost or stolen, click on the Other Services tab and select Cancel PIN in the Account Services box.

To personalize your debit or credit card with free Picture Perfect, select the Other Services tab, and then choose Personalize Your Visa Debit/Credit Card in the Account Services box.

In the Other Services tab, click on the Online Banking Password link in the Manage Preferences box.

Click here to learn more about ABC Deals.

Fast, Free, Fantastic

Free Online Banking from America First is your personal branch that's available 24/7.