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I have already made my monthly Visa payment, why does the due date not reflect this? 
Due to the nature of our Visa accounts, the due dates will not update until the first of the month. As long as you have made at least one complete payment, the due date will adjust accordingly.

Why am I denied by a merchant even though I recently made a payment to my Visa?
Whenever you make a Visa payment, it may take up to 24 hours before your limit reflects the new amount. If you plan to purchase an item the same day as payment is received, please contact our Visa department for immediate assistance. They will be able to manually update your card's information for you.

How can I dispute a charge on my Visa that I did not authorize?
Any unauthorized charges that a cardholder receives require written documentation with signature before America First can start the dispute process. As a courtesy, we provide a Visa dispute form on our web site. Simply complete, print, sign, and mail this form to P.O. Box 9199 Ogden, UT 84409. For immediate processing, please fax completed forms to 801-827-8089. You may also take the completed form to your nearest branch location.

What can be done if a merchant has double charged my account?
Contact the merchant and request the second charge to be reversed. If the merchant will not comply with your request, simply complete a Visa dispute form as outlined in the above question.

Will I receive my new Visa card before my current card expires?
Our Visa department starts processing new cards several months in advance. Most members will receive their new card about two weeks prior to the old card expiring.

How can I receive a replacement for my Visa card which isn't working?
Send your request through the Online Banking messaging system. You may also call our Member Service department at 1-800-999-3961 or visit any branch location to have a replacement card ordered for you.

Free Security Services

Your America First Visa also features additional security measures that are available to you at no cost.