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Build, Buy, Refi

Our improving economy is a good thing, but it also means interest rates are set to rise—so now's the perfect time to build, buy, or refinance your home with America First.

  • Competitive low rates
  • Flexible options & terms
  • All your financial solutions under one roof
Build, Buy or Refi

Get Into Your Dream House Today

Ready to buy or refinance a home? It's a big decision and you can trust America First to help you find the home loan that best fits your financial goals.

Begin your free review & get preapproved.

  • Discover how much you can borrow
  • View current rates
  • Choose the right home loan
  • Find the lowest monthly payment
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Fixed-Rate Mortgages

  • Maintains original rate throughout its life
  • Market fluctuations won't affect interest
  • 10-year, 15-year, 20-year, and 30-year fixed-rate mortgages
  • Jumbo and High Balance loans for loan amounts over $484,350
  • Learn more


Adjustable-Rate Mortgages

  • Interest rates are fixed for a period of 3 to 10 years, then adjust up or down depending on market conditions
  • 1-year ARM, 3/1-year ARM, and 5/1-year ARM options
  • Learn more


Government Loan Programs

  • FHA 15-year fixed, FHA 30-year fixed, VA 15-year fixed, VA 30-year fixed, USDA
  • First Time & Repeat Home Buyers
  • Nevada Down Payment Assistance
  • Learn more


Construction & Lot Loans

  • Residential lot loans. Learn more
  • Home construction loans. Learn more
  • Call our construction loan support team at 1-866-224-2157

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Loans for your Most Important Purchase

A Mortgage Loan is a big investment, and you'll want to be certain you have a trustworthy financial partner at your side. Look no further than your credit union.