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Fundz* from America First is the perfect debit card for teens, students, even adults who want the convenience of Visa® without a revolving line of credit. Purchases are debited from a prefunded checking account, which makes Fundz a great money-management tool for parents who want to teach financial responsibility while limiting risk.

Visa Fundz cards allow for quick & secure payments by dipping, swiping, or tapping. Quickly link your teen’s America First account to your own with online banking, then you can track spending and encourage saving.

Additional benefits include:

  • Worldwide accessibility: Accepted anywhere you see the Visa logo
  • Convenience: The simplest way to pay
  • Economic education: Responsibly make checking deposits & withdrawals
  • Personalization: Customize cards with images of family & friends with Picture Perfect®

Start your children on the path to financial health. Click below, visit a nearby branch, or call 1-800-999-3961 to open a checking account and order your Visa Fundz debit card.

*Available on approved credit for joint owners of minor accounts. Terms, membership, eligibility & conditions apply.

Fundz Card FAQs

Use online banking, call 1-800-562-1337, or dial 843-871-5095 from international locations.

Yes! We recommend quickly completing a Visa Traveling form with online banking before leaving so we can work to ensure your security.

Log in to online banking, click on the transaction amount, and select Dispute this Transaction to submit an official form. In addition, you can call 1-800-999-3961 or visit a branch. You can also dispute a transaction by contacting the merchant.

Report lost or stolen cards immediately via online banking or call 1-800-999-3961.

We also recommend downloading our free Card Guard® app so you can turn your cards on and off as needed.

Learn Money Management

Fundz Visa cards allow purchases to come directly from a dedicated account that's already funded.