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Dear Valued Members, During the past several weeks, we have all experienced considerable anxiety and made significant adjustments to how we interact with one another and conduct business. We’ve experienced fear, not just of potential illness, but that of facing significant hardships such as job loss, the inability to establish normal routines, dealing with children out of school, and other uncertainties. Throughout, I have certainly learned to more fully appreciate life and the good things we cherish most.

On March 16, America First quietly passed our 81st birthday. Over the decades, this organization has confronted innumerable challenges. However, it is clear that such difficulties do not define us, nor have they weakened our resolve. Instead, again and again, we choose to write our own story: We work together to surpass every obstacle, growing stronger all the while. In trying times, we give to each other and our shared communities time, means, and support. When disaster strikes, we rebuild damaged homes, businesses, and lives. We reach out to those in need at every opportunity. Since 1939, the credit union has genuinely cared for our fellow members, lifted and rooted each other on, and celebrated our success. We confront these moments as a united front, and I am profoundly comforted and encouraged to know that this will be no different; it is who we are.

As we look to the future, America First pledges to deliver the finest possible member service, as well as the marketplace’s best innovations. Our credit union is an organization that treats all with honor, dignity, and respect. Doing things the right way, for the right reasons, matters to us. We are confident in our work and in the perseverance of America First.

On behalf of the America First staff and volunteer team, I am honored to deliver an accounting of your credit union’s achievements in 2019. We greatly appreciate the support, loyalty, and trust of our membership. As an organization, we endeavor daily to ensure relevant and affordable financial services are provided in a convenient, professional, and personal manner.

America First is continually working to ensure our credit union is one of the country’s strongest, most secure and financially stable institutions. Here is a report of the organization’s performance in 2019.  

Volunteers contribute their time and expertise to meet weekly with members, discuss loans, fiscal situations, and the circumstances surrounding initial denials. Further, the committee consults with debt solutions experts as needed, determining whether the best interests of both the member and credit union can be served by modifying an original loan agreement. Our committee is unique among financial institutions and even within the credit union industry.

The Supervisory Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors to independently evaluate the soundness of America First’s operations and enterprises by hiring an external auditor and directing internal auditing. Such endeavors ensure the credit union is protecting and safeguarding members’ assets.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, we’re doing everything possible to meet your needs. As part of this commitment, America First delivers our products and services through secure digital channels. If you’re looking to manage your money without visiting a branch in person, online & mobile banking are convenient, safe, and always available.

The novel coronavirus is causing more than just physical harm, it’s inflicting financial hardships, as criminals are working to rob from the well-intentioned or uninformed. And as tax season shifts into high gear, there are many schemes intended to defraud. Here are some additional tips to protect yourself, no matter the economic environment.

America First knows that many businesses are facing challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic. We can help businesses cut costs, manage their cash flow, or adapt to current circumstances, through timely business services. Our Business Center is ready to help business owners understand what options & services are available during this difficult time, and to identify the solutions that are right for them.